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Mission Orange

About Mission Orange

MissionOrange_CE_010Mission Orange – Star Wars and Charity is a SciFi-centered non-profit charity project in support of the children’s hospice „Sternenbrücke“ (Star Bridge) in Hamburg, Germany.

Mission Orange is authorized by Lucasfilm LTD. to do charity work in the name of Star Wars. This is very special and the result of over 9 years of hard work:

Since December 23, 2006 its founder Magnus has been to numerous Fan-Meetups and official conventions, rallying donors and supporters for the cause. Notable appearances include the Jedi-Con and the 2013 Celebration Europe II. To attact the attention of visitors, he puts on the suit of the „Orange Gunner“ a unique and unmistakable costume. Originally starting in a shopping mall dressed as Han Solo, Magnus quickly gained a lot of positive response and supporters. The Orange Gunner was born soon after.

Over the years, he established contact with many members of Star Wars cast & crew. Cooperating with fan groups like the Rebel Legion he was able to expand his activities, including the release of special charity patches to hand out in turn for donations. All this allowed Mission Orange to repeatedly acquire and hand over items from the Sternenbrücke wish list. He was soon recognized as an official partner of the hospice and became a fixed part in their yearly activities.

Mission Orange has been featured in the German Official Star Wars Fanclub’s magazine multiple times, and has also made an appearance in the Star Wars Insider.

In March 2016 the project was officially recognized by Lucasfilm, and received permission to use the claim „Star Wars and Charity“ (SWAC).